Food For Thought 

“The market is the market”


Regardless of who is in power you still need to know how to provide for yourself and adjust accordingly.

Watch this conversation between Shark Daymond John and Gary Vaynerchuk about automation, employment, and moving forward.


Trump called the news media an ‘enemy of the American People.’ Here’s a history of the term. – The Washington Post

Enemy of the People……

The free press is the enemy.

“……Enemy of the people is a phrase “typically used by leaders to refer to hostile foreign governments or subversive organizations,” the New York Times wrote. “It also echoed the language of autocrats who seek to minimize dissent.”

When “Sticking it to the man” goes wrong…

Boycotting Uber only hurt the poor people who figured out an alternative way to make ends meet.

Imagine if someone boycotted your boss.

Are YOU ready to boycott your boss?

If activists are not ready to DIVEST COMPLETELY then you are not ready for revolution.

Week One: No Filter

Week #1: It’s been five days since the inauguration.

The older you get, the more your social filter disappears. 

I work as a manager in the service industry. One of my best employees, who identifies as Black, told me that an 80-year-old white female guest pulled her to the side and said “You know the Republicans freed the slaves.”

Happy Wednesday!