‘Women In Hip-Hop’ Panel in Chicago Hosted by Donda’s House

One of my favorite shots from the evening. This is from the ‘Women In Hip-Hop’ panel hosted by Soror Donnie Nicole Smith, Executive Director of Donda’s House, Inc. in Chicago.

Follow them on social media and “like” their FB page. They are advancing Chicago’s young creative artists.

Many believe hip-hop is bad for women, and men dominate the industry. Not true. The women on this panel proved it. I was proud of Soror Smith and Soror Jade Lucas of Chicago’s Power92 Radio as they spoke to the youth about how to win in mainstream media.

Soror Joy Holliday has been showing support since 1922. Always happy to see her.

Thank you Swank PR for posting these shots, and thanks to Hajj Prime of Hajj Prime Media for the camera work.

I love events like this.



The absent black father myth—debunked by CDC

“If only black fathers would spend as much time and energy on their kids as white fathers do. If only…

Well, someone—the Centers for Disease Control—actually went to trouble of checking just how involved in their lives all fathers are, whether or not they are married to the mother of their children or live with them. What they found was that, in reality, black fathers are actually more attentive to their children than other fathers generally are.”