Jaden Smith Wears Roses In His Hair & Dress to Coachella

Jaden isn’t struggling with identity issues. He is bucking what society thinks is normal. I’m no fashion expert, but what century did men start wearing pants?




Let Raven Pick Her Battles

Raven Symone does not identify as “Black”, therefore she is not attached to the day-to-day struggles people who identify as Black go through. As a result, she has detached herself from all of the nominally “Black” struggles many Blacks think she should be a part of.

Black folks, Black people, Blacks, Afro-Americans, African-Americans, Negroes, Niggas, etc. spend a great deal of energy wondering how other melanated people identify with the world.

Why waste energy figuring out if someone is Black enough? Or ‘too Black’? Is a person who identifies as ‘Negro’ a coon? Is a person who identifies as ‘Black’ reducing themselves to a color?

Who knows? But more importantly, who the fuck cares?

You should not be concerned about anyone’s identity but your own. Many of you critizing Raven have no idea who you are. Still holding on to childhood dreams of how life is supposed to be in America.

In other words, she never identified as a member of the delegation to start. Nothing she says should offend or surprise you.