Two Sides to A Quarter

Two Sides to A Quarter

I found this article on  Many times humanity takes for granted the situations that arise allowing power to be taken and redistributed.  If you can follow this article, this is a good example of such re-distribution. I hear that Detroit’s economic situation is dismal, but is this proposal going to help?

Here is the direct link to the article


Are They Trying to Kill Us?

Are They Trying to Kill Us?

This is an interesting read. If any of this is true, we have more problems that we think.  In the age of poverty, dangerous prescription medicine, GMO foods, chemical abuses, and air pollution, a valid argument can be made that someone is trying to reduce the human population exponentially.  This article alleges that this effort has garnered financial backing over the last half-century. Please read, I would love to hear your thoughts

Quiet Your Lizard Brain

Quiet Your Lizard Brain

This article by brand specialist Bryan Eliot is balancing for those dealing with the transition of employee to entrepreneur.  There is a little voice inside all of us that talks us out of being successful. It says things like,

“You don’t have enough money to start a company”


“You are safer as an employee with a constant paycheck”

The lizard brain tells you that you can wait another day to finish a task.  It tells you to compromise your entrepreneurial dreams for a shift-work reality. It tells you that you have a “family to care for”, so you can’t quit your day job.  It doesn’t help you set goals, it reminds you of your obstacles.  It also tells you that you may as well not even try to overcome these obstacles, so go have a beer instead.  I can recall many situations where my lizard brain talked me out of being successful.  The lizard brain likes you in your comfort zone, where great things cannot happen.  Remember this post the next time you opt to watch Netflix instead of sending that email.  The little voice of defeat needs to be controlled. And silenced.